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Automatic Bomb Calometer

Model NIBC-1AD

automatic-bomb-calometerWe are amongst prominent bomb calorimeter manufacturers and calorimeter suppliers in India. Our Digital Bomb Calorimeter is used for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value and sulphur content of solid and liquid fuel. Our digital bomb calorimeter is available at very economic prices. Bomb Calorimeter Outfit provide a simple and inexpensive method for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value & sulphur content of solid & liquid fuel. The outfit supplied is complete for analysis as per the method recommended by British Standard Institution BS 1016. All parts of the outfit have been finished and tested according to the specification laid down by Institute of petroleum and British Standard Institute

Testing of BOMB

Each Bomb is tested before it leaves the factory in accordance with the requirement of the Institute of Petroleum (I.R 12/63 T.Appendix 1) and a works certificate is issued with each Bomb. This certificate gives the results of hydraulic testing under a pressure of 300 atmospheres (4400 p.s.i) maintained for a period of ten minutes without sign of leakage. The maximum deformation must not exceed the specified limits.

Calorimeter Vessel

The vessel is made of copper and is Chromium plated or S.S. It includes a Bomb support that ensures proper positioning of Bomb in the vessel.

Water Jacket

The outer container of Jacket is made of copper and is chromium plated both inside and outside or S.S. The top is closed by an ebonite cover. A terminal block is fitted to the top of the container so that connection can be made from the firing control.

Offset Stirrer

The stirring mechanism supplied gives sufficient turbulence for effective stirring whilst no heat is imparted to the calorimeter water. It consists of an impeller stirrer driven at a constant speed of approximately 800 r.p.m. The offset arrangement whereby the motor drives the impeller via a belt precludes any possibility of heat transference between motor and calorimeter Vessel Contents.

Electronic Firing Unit With Digital Backman Thermometer

For firing a calorimeter Bomb AC supply main (230 Volts 50 Cycles). It consists of two parts Viz Electrical Box and Electronic Box for Digital Thermometer reading. The Electrical Box is provided with socket for stirrer and terminals for the fuse wire. The unit has provision for test of firing wire resistance or open circuit. A left hand side bulb indicate the continuity while right hand side bulb indicates the open circuit (firing).


Various types of crucible are available the standard supplied with the outfit being a stainless steel crucible of 8 ml capacity which fits in the standard support ring provided with the outfit.

Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

  1. Used for determination of combustion of heat of colorific value of the fuel & other organic material.
  2. Designed as per specification of Institute of Petroleum BS 1016 standard IS no. 1350/1966.
  3. Supplied complete with water jacket made of Brass/S.Steel sheet duly nickled chromium plated with Bakelite Lid.
  4. S.Steel Bomb, Bomb Jacket Water Colorimeter Vessel.
  5. Motorised heavy duly stirrer for uniform Circulation
  6. Firing unit with illuminator
  7. Firing unit with illuminator
  8. Vibrator & Buzzer, spanners, magnified glass with nickled nichrome wire & Cotton reel
  9. Gas Releasing Valve, S.Steel crucible.
  10. Benzoic Acid with know calorific value.
  11. Full feature digital controller & Safety device .


Automatic calculate calorific value set by only mass of sample, (set all parameter & formulas in our control system. So no need for any calculations.)


Petroleum Industries / Department Coal industries / Department Educational Institute & Research Lab.

Technical Parameters

Housing Material :Brass/ S.Steel duly Nickled Chromium plated water jacket S.S vessel S.S. Bomb, Water Vessel


Oxygen Cylinder

Power Consumption

220/230V, AC Supply Single Phase ±10% 50 Hz

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