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Laminar Air Flow


Laminar Air flow, biological  safety cabinet, safety hood, LAF

Designed so as to meet the requirements of US Federal Stanared 209B (BS 5295) providing particle free air to meet class 100 (class conditions). The cabinets are fabricated out of thick Mild Steel/Stainless Steel. Interior surface and outer surface are powder coated for its longer life.The work table top is made thick Stainless Steel with mirror finish clean washable/chemical resistive/corrosive free. Side panels are made out of 6mm thick transparent Acrylic duly framed. The unit is fitted with pre-filter and Mini Pleat HEPA Filter, filters having efficiency rating as high as 99.99%with hot DOP, thus retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 microns and larger. Using a dynamic machine, the blower and motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced ISI MARKED Motor of 1/5 H.P. capasity operates with minimum noise level. The working area is illuminated by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit.Height of the working table provides comfortable ''SIT DOWN'' working position for the operator. To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.

Supplied complete with
Static finish S.S. Table Top Built in UV Germicidal Light
Transparent Front Door(6mm) Cock for gas, air or vaccum line
Static Preserve Manometer Castor Wheel for easy movebility

Model NLAF-22 NLAF-32 NALF-42 NALF-62 NLAF-82
Working size 2'X2'X2' 3'X2'X2' 4'X2'X2' 6'X2'X2' 8'X2'X2'
Size of HEPA Filter 2'X2'X3' 3'X2'X6' 4'X2'X6' 3'X2'X6' 4'X2'X6'
No. of HEPA Filter 1 1 1 2 2
Illumination 1X20w 2X20w 2X40w 2X40w 4X40w


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