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Water Distillation Unit

Water Distillation


  1. Specially design environment friendly for water distillation of lab. This distillation unit require only power and inlet water for boiler for 5 liter per hour.
  2. 100% output water
  3. No wastage drain water
  4. No extra power.


  1. Outer construction 20swg Mild steel with heavy gauge frame work with powder coated.
  2. Heavy gauge stainless steel boiler
  3. Boiler water capacity 6 Liter.
  4. Storage tank made in stainless 304. With stainless steel tap


  1. U Shape Nichrome Heater 1.5" BSP Flange type

Cooling System

  1. Refrigeration (Hermetic Sealed Compressor)


  1. 08 Liter per hour


  1. Protection for water hater and inlet water. (Low water level and Intel one Coolum water filter,tank full sensor fitted in built)


  1. 230 volt AC 50Hz
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